Quick Reference

Overview of features available in the Text Editor in My Profile

Toolbar Button
Toolbar Button Description
New Page Clear the editing area. 
Preview Show a preview of the document in the shape that will be displayed to end users.
Cut Cut the selected text fragment to the clipboard. 
Copy Copy the selected text fragment to the clipboard.
Paste Paste content copied to the clipboard along with formatting. 
Paste as plain text Paste content copied to the clipboard without formatting. See 
Paste from Word Paste content copied from Microsoft Word or similar applications along with formatting. 
Check Spelling Spell Check As You Type Check spelling of the document text or turn on the Spell Check As You Type (SCAYT) feature. 
Undo Redo Undo or redo the most recent action performed. 
Find Find a word or phrase in the document.
Replace Find and replace a word or phrase in the document.
Select All Select all contents of the document. 
Remove Format Remove the formatting of the selected text.
Maximize Maximize the editor in the browser window. 

Text Styling

Toolbar Button Description
Bold Italic Underline Strike Through Apply bold, italic, underline or strike-through formatting to the text. 
Subscript Superscript Apply superscript or subscript formatting to the text.
Formatting Styles Apply pre-defined combinations of various formatting options to block and inline elements.
Paragraph Format Apply pre-defined block-level combinations of various formatting options. 
Font Name Change the typeface of the text.
Font Size Change the font size of the text.
Text Color Change the color of the text. 
Background Color Change the background color of the text.


Text Layout

Toolbar Button Description
Decrease Indent Increase Indent Increase or decrease text indentation. 
Block Quote Format a block of text as indented quotation.
Create Div Container Create a new div element in document source. 
Align Left Center Align Right Justify‎ Set text alignment (left, centered, right or justified). 
Text direction from left to right Text direction from right to left Set text direction as from left to right (default value for most Western languages) or from right to left (languages like Arabic, Persian, Hebrew).
Insert Horizontal Line Insert a divider line (horizontal rule) into the document.

Rich Text

Toolbar Button Description
Insert/Remove Numbered List Insert/Remove Bulleted List Create a numbered or bulleted list.
Link Unlink Create or remove a hyperlink in the text. 
Anchor Insert a link anchor to the text.
Table Create a table with the defined number of columns and rows. 
Smiley Insert an emoticon image (smiley or icon). 
Insert Special Character Insert a special character or symbol.